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Texas America Safety Company also recommends the Blog4Safety.com website.  This daily Blog is a great resource for safety information, safety tips, and other safety compliance issues.
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Welcome to the Texas America Safety Company (T.A.S.C.O.) web site. We specialize in safety glasses, work gloves, ear plugs, hard hats, safety vests, and other industrial safety supplies. We have been in the safety supply business for more than 20 years and have maintained an E-commerce safety site for about 15 years. From our base in Central Texas we supply quality occupational safety products throughout the United States and the world.

This web site was designed to promote our most popular safety products; however, T.A.S.C.O. can supply a myriad of other industrial safety supplies not listed here. Whether you are an individual, industrial facility or a reseller, we have the products and prices for you.

Once again, thank you for viewing our web site. We also invite you to view and participate on our social networks. All of us at Texas America Safety Company are committed to meeting your occupational safety product needs now and in the future

We carry inexpensive vests such as the plain soft mesh version, surveyor's safety vests, ANSI Traffic Safety Vests, and also company imprinted safety vests.
Polarized Safety Eyewear -  Large Selection in stock. Secure Online Ordering and Fast Shipping from Texas America Safety Company
Texas America Safety Company offers secure online ordering for a wide variety of Womens Pink Safety Products, Pink Hard Hats, Pink Gloves, and other safety products to individuals, industrial facilities, and distributors
We carry the complete line of Mechanix work gloves, as well as sleeves, knee pads and many other Mechanix wear products. The Mechanix gloves are probably the most popular and sought after version of glove for the U.S. military and the NASCAR racing circuit.

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New Safety Products

 MSA Jumbo Large Shell Skullgard Cap Style Hat 

For the larger head size folks
Skullgard Caps feature a heavy-duty fiberglass construction for use in steel mills and other heavy industries where high temperatures are common.

 Environmentally Green MSA V-Gard© Cap Style Hard Hats 

With V-Gard GREEN helmets, MSA continues its tradition of innovation. V-Gard GREEN is the world's first protective helmet made of renewable resources.
.........V-Gard GREEN: protecting more than your head.

 Plain Soft Mesh Fuchsia Safety Vests 

Texas America Safety Company now carries the soft mesh safety vests in the fuchsia color. The vests are a new color that is sort of between a pink and a purple color.

 Soft Mesh Fuchsia Vests with Silver Stripes 

We also carry the Fuchsia safety vests with the reflective stripes. This version has a 1 3/8 inch reflective stripe on the front and back of the vest. It has the same 24 inch by 18 inch measurements with elastic sides.

 White PVC Coated Plain Safety Vests 

This is our full page of PVC coated multi color plain safety vests with a new color added, by popular demand White is now available.

15 Feb 14
 MCR Pink String Knit Gloves 

Introducing the new pink cotton string knit gloves. Might as well add a little flare to your working gear. This is a standard string knit glove with a 13 gauge string. The glove can be worn on either hand, and also can be reversed to get the most life out of each side./p>

15 Feb 14
 Grey Cotton Polyester String Knit Gloves 

The Grey string knit glove is also a 70/30 percent cotton/polyester mix. The grey color helps to keep the glove from showing dirt and stains for longer usage. This item is a medium weight 7 gauge string knit glove that is available in men's and women's sizes./p>

15 Feb 14
 White Cotton String Knit Heavyweight Gloves 

The heavyweight glove is made with a tough seven gauge string material. This glove is reversible and can also be worn on either hand. The thicker material is better for additional warmth, and for impact resistance. Can also be used by itself, or can be used as a glove liner for additional layering./p>

15 Feb 14
 White Cotton String Knit Gloves with Dots 

The cotton string knit gloves with dots are one of our most versatile gloves. They are made with a 70% cotton, 30% polyester blend. They come with a string knit wrist to help keep items out of the palm of the glove. These gloves are reversible, and can also be worn on either hand./p>

15 Feb 14
 MCR Pink String Knit Gloves with Dots 

This is a great glove for ladies with the pink color and the form fitting design. We currently keep this glove in a small and a medium size and they should expand to fit most women's hand sizes./p>

15 Feb 14
 Pink Honeycomb Grip Work Gloves 

Introducing the Pink Orange Honeycomb gloves. This glove has all the same great features as the orange glove above, but in a soft pink color. The glove has a string knit pink color base with the classic waffle criss-cross honeycomb design./p>

15 Feb 14
 Cotton String Knit Gloves with Dipped Blue Rubber on One Side 

The blue PVC dipped cotton polyester knit glove is one of our most popular gripping glove. The palm has been completely dipped with a thin coating of blue latex. This latex coating improves the grip, and also helps to prolong the life of the glove./p>

15 Feb 14
 Cotton String Knit Gloves with Red Dipper Rubber on One Side 

This is the cotton string knit glove with the red dipped latex palm. This is an economy version of the dipped gloves and similar to the blue dipped version above./p>

 Deerskin Full Leather Glove with Keystone Thumb 

The deerskin glove is perhaps the most comfortable and soft feeling leather glove. Deerskin is an incredibly soft and pliable leather offering the highest degree of flexibility.

 Deerskin Leather Palm Gloves with Split Leather Back 

With split leather back you can cut some cost, but not comfort.
Deerskin glove characteristics include a luxurious soft feel with great dexterity. Most flexible hide of all work glove leathers. All day comfort with less hand fatigue.

 Deerskin Leather Palm Gloves with Red Jersey Lining and Split Leather Back 

Deerskin glove characteristics include a luxurious soft feel with great dexterity. Most flexible hide of all work glove leathers. All day comfort with less hand fatigue.
With split leather back you can cut some cost, but not comfort.

26 Oct 13
 Mechanix Touch Gloves 

Stay connected to your touchscreen devices on the job or in the garage.
Equipped with three-finger conductivity and four designated contact points, The Original® Touch® glove allows you to manage your touch screen devices without removing your gloves and compromising safety.

26 Oct 13
 The Safety FastFit ~ High Visibility 

For the industrial workplace, our Safety FastFit Glove gives you enhanced contours for a more comfortable fit. Reflective strip panel and high-visibility
Avalible in two colors: hi viz lime and hi viz orange

09 Aug 13
 Red Safety Vests 

Added a full page of Red Safety Vests. From plain red identification vests, to red vests with silver stripes

09 Aug 12
 3M Particulate Respirator 8511, N95 

Added a new page exclusively for the 3M 8511 Respirators. This is one of our most popular N95 Respirators so we build a new page with better pics and more information.

09 Aug 12
 3M Particulate Respirator 9211/37022(AAD), N95 

We also build a new page for the 3M 9211 Respirators. This is one of most popular choices for bird flu and other pandemics. The flat fold design makes it easy to store and transport

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix Original Plus, Grip, and .5 Gloves 

Added a new page with Mechanix Original Plus and Grip Gloves

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix Vented Work Gloves 

Added a new Mechanix Glove Page with Summer Vented Gloves, and Covert Vented Gloves

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix Mpact Gloves 

Completely Re-designed the Mechanix Mpact Glove Page. Many new colors available

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix MPact III Gloves 

Added the heavy duty Mechanix Mpact III and TAA MPact III Gloves

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix Mossy Oak Gloves 

Added 3 new styles of Mossy Oak Mechanix Gloves in the Fast Fit, Original and Mpact designs

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix Covert Gloves 

Also added 4 new styles of Mechanix Covert Gloves including Original, Vented, MPact, and Mpact II designs

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix Framer Fingerless Gloves 

Added a page with both the Mechanix Framer semi-fingerless, and the completely fingerless gloves

02 Jul 13
 Mechanix CarbonX Flame Resistant Gloves 

We now drop ship the Mechanix CarbonX FR Level 1 and Level 5 Gloves

07 May 13
 Howard Leight Max Ear Plugs 

Rebuilt a page with the Max 30 and Max 1 NRR 33 rated ear plugs. Our Top Selling Earplug

07 May 13
 Max USA Ear Plugs 

Added a new page with the Howard Light Max USA, Red White and Blue Patriotic Earplugs

30 Apr 13
 Blue Safety Vests 

Added many new designs of blue safety vests including soft mesh, soft mesh with reflective stripes, and blue incident command vests

30 Apr 13
 Black Safety Vests 

Have a full page of Black Safety Vests. Both in plain mesh, and with many reflective stripe combinations

30 Apr 13
 Pink Safety Vests 

We now carry a solid pink safety vests; as well as, many styles of vests with Pink Stripes

30 Apr 13
 Class II Safety Vests 

Added a new page with several Class II Safety Vests in both a solid material and a mesh material.

30 Apr 13
 First Responder Vests 

Added a page with First Responder Tear-a-way safety vests

30 Apr 13
 Cert Safety Vests 

We now carry several options for CERT safety vests (Community Emergency Response Teams)

30 Apr 13
 Chevron Safety Vests 

Finally, we added a page with the specialized Chevron Safety Stripes

30 Apr 13
 Ladies Pink Shooting Earmuffs 

Added a full page with several Pink Shooting Earmuffs. Can be used while shooting, on the worksite, or for the do-it-yourselfer at home.

30 Apr 13
 Howard Leight Viking Earmuffs 

Added 3 new Viking Earmuffs including the V1, V2, and V3 models

30 Apr 13
 Howard Leight Clarity Earmuffs, 

Added 2 new Howard Leight Clarity Earmuffs. These Earmuffs help to block noise, but allow normal voices to be heard more naturally

30 Apr 13
 Howard Leight Bilsom Earmuffs 

Added a full selection of Howard Leight Leightning Earmuffs including the higher end L3 and the economical L1 designs

11 Mar 13
 Full Lens Magification Safety Glasses 

People asked for it, and we now offer the full lens 1.5 and full lens 2.0 magnifying safety glass from Pyramex. Check out the new Pyramex Emerge Safety Glasses.

07 Feb 13
 The Camo Page 

Great for hunters, shooters, outdoorsmen and more. 
Take a look at our diverse selection of safety products, all in a camo theme.

24 Jan 13
 Lots More Earplug Pages 
Added Many New Earplug Pages

Many More Earplug Pages

01 Dec 12
 Miracool Body Cooling Vests 

Introducing the MiraCool Personal Cooling Vests. These vests come with water activated MiraCool crystals sewn into the fabric of the vest. These crystals become activated once soaked in cold water for approximately 30 minutes, and then will stay cool for the rest of the day.
Available in two colors.

01 Dec 12
 Miracool®Orange Cooling Vest with Stripes 

Miracool cooling vests have the same features as the 902 above but come with two reflective stripes around the front and the back of the vest.

01 Dec 12
 Occunomix® ANSI Class II Cooling Vests 

Mesh shoulders and sides for added breathability
Soft lightweight polyester fabrics
ANSI / ISEA 107 Class 2 High Visibility Polyester Fabric shell with Nylon liner

29 Oct 12
 Pink Framed Safety Glasses 

For the ladies or for special occasions and events. Take a look at these cool styles of ANSI Z87.1 rated glasses
Three styles to choose from; Rose, Ella and Lucy

17 May 12
 Deluxe Flame Retardant (FR) Grey Hard Hat Pad 

The head has many blood vessels close to the skin which influence body temperature.
Use your head to stay cool with MiraCool Hard Hat inserts

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